•                                         What we do
                                                      IgenDesign is an award-winning creative studio focusing on designing next-generation
                                                      products and user experiences. 
                                                      We have a holistic entrepreneurial approach to design and innovation. We provide design
                                                      solutions that foster customers' brand+product loyalty by implementing effective design
                                                      communication in products. 
                                                      We deliver design that connects emotionally with users and avoids apple-to-apple
                                                      comparison with competitors to protect your business from price competition.
                                                      Companies we talk to are generally asking us
                                                      "Is there really a way to lower my risk on the next product I want to launch on the market?"
                                                      "Can I protect my product from price competition to ensure my Return on Investment?"
                                                      "How can I increase my company's revenue in the short term by investing in design?"
                                                      These are some of the questions we hear. If these are some of the issues you face,
                                                      please feel free to contact us here.
  •                                                   Happily, our work has been honoured and recognised along the way by many top industry awards:
                                                      iF Concept Design Award, A' design award, BraunPrize Special Selection, Koizumi Lighting Design
                                                      Award, Nescafé package design award, Bosch design award etc. Our designs have been featured
                                                      in top design books and magazines too. Thank you Maggie Macnab – Design by Nature, SendPoints
                                                      – Creative Product DesignCore77, Inhabitat, Octogon Magazine for affirming that our work matters.
  • Our clients and partners include:
  • How we work:
    The 3 layers of our design approach
  •                                                  1. Designing Aesthetics
                                                     Aesthetics is the Body Language of your product. It is exactly that dominant like the non-verbal
                                                     communication that you experience during dialogues you have with people. It must be a carefully
                                                     designed and a consciously integrated communication. It will deeply determine if people will
                                                     have trust and decide to choose your product. See more examples here.
  •                                                  2. Designing Usability
                                                     However design is not just about controlling first impression. It is also about consistently finding
                                                     new possibilities and inventing new usabilities. Your product must create new category of
                                                     experiences to make it unable to compare it with competitors and let people fall in love with your
                                                     brand. We believe this is the best way to protect your value from price competition. 
                                                     Learn more about our projects here.
  •                                                  3. Designing Change
                                                     We aim to make products that influence behaviour and therefore focus on making them more 
                                                     adoptable to everyday life. We love these kind of designs, because once a product changes
                                                     people's behaviour, habits and culture it will change the market and opens the possibility to gain
                                                     more market share and achieve a sustainable change for a preferable future.
                                                     Learn more about our projects here.
  • We offer end-to-end product design services: