• You might be here because you have realized that most
    of your Market Successes highly depends on design
    and innovation processes.
    But, what could be the pitfalls in your current products 
    that prevent your company from getting Higher Sales?
    Have you asked yourself lately the following 3 questions:
              1. Does my product predictably win my prospects
              buying decision at the decision making moment?
              2. Does my product predictably evolve brand+product 
              loyalty in my prospects and make them eager to buy
              again from me?
              3. Is my product FREE FROM PRICE competition so
              I can define the price that really meets its Value?
    We believe that only a Complex Design Solution can cope
    with these challenges.
    That's why we have specialized in consistently designing
    new products that translate into sustainable market 
    successes regardless of category or industry.
    If you'd like to know what can be the major pitfalls in your
    current products that prevent your company from getting
    Higher Sales we recommend you as a first step to get a first
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    Alberto Vasquez
    Founder and CEO
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    Clients and Partners:
    "Your work "Flow" is impressive. Bamboo is very popular natural material especially in Asian region as you know. Since childhood, bamboo has been deeply woven into Japanese daily implements and lives. I appreciated your idea because the work utilizes natural resources in the manner integrating with current technologies and sculptural interest working with the wind. Above all the idea backing up whole your work is ethos of environmental care."
    Kenji Ekuan
    Chairman of GK Design Group, Senator of ICISID
    "Wow! I am blown away by working with IgenDesign! Although our patient monitor InnoCare-T was a highly relaible product on the market, its appearance got  more and more outdated and it had lost interest in the eyes of our prospects. During the development of the next generation of this product I was amazed how simply Alberto could describe and synthesize complex design problems. He came up with unique and effective ideas about how to influence the perception of our products by our prospects, which right after implementation led to higher sales. The new InnoCare-T attracted tons of attention on its first exhibiton and we sold more than three hundreds on the first week!"
    Akos Kiss (Chief Engineer)
    Innomed Medical Zrt.
    "When I launched Akiyai, the Colombian Cultural Social Network, it seemed to be incredibly tough to seduce the Facebook-addicted Colombian prospects to the Akiyai. I needed a convincing design - a strong first impression that says: "This is not an average social network site; this is something more Sophisticated, Cultural and Colombian”. During the design process Alberto was thinking in culture, society and technology in the same time. He considered that Colombian people are highly sensitive of their cultural identity, therefore Akiyai's world has to reflect their feeling of life. Before the new design the site had less than 1000 user. After updating with the new identity Akiyai has reached the 11000 registered user by the end of the year!"
    Carlos Vasquez, Founder and CEO
    Akiyai - The Colombian Social Network
    „Alberto’s Colombian origin gives a deeper cultural understanding to IgenDesign...” 
    OCTOGON Magazine #76

  • Exhibitions:
    2012 Chicago, USA - TEDx UChicago - Flow lamp
    2012 Kronberg, Germany - BraunPrize 2012 Exhibition - Flow lamp
    2012 New York, USA - White Box Gallery - Flow lamp 
    2011 Wien, Austria - University of Applied Arts Vienna - Flow lamp
    2010 Tokyo, Japan - Koizumi Lighting Technology Corp.: Koizumi Lighting Showroom - Flow lamp
    2010 Budapest, Hungary - Hungarian Design Week - Flow lamp
    2010 Budapest, Hungary - Iaeste InSide: Innovative Steps in Development - ‘Molnarka’ universal rescueboat
    2009-2010 Budapest, Hungary - Iaeste traveling exhibition - ‘Molnarka’ universal rescueboat
    2007 Budapest, Hungary - Museum of Aplied Arts: ‘Children’s toys’ exibition - Odoo container system